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Requirements for a New Zealand Essential Skills Work Visa

If you have a job offer from an employer in New Zealand, you'll likely apply for a special type of work permit known as the Essential Skills visa. This visa is typically issued for 3 years at a time and is renewable; however, you and your employer must meet several requirements in order for you to qualify.

This work visa is only available to those who have a job offer from an employer. It cannot be used to move to New Zealand to find work or to start a company of your own.

The requirements for a New Zealand Essential Skills work visa include:

- Proof that you are in good health and not likely to need publicly-funded hospitalisation while living in New Zealand

- Evidence of good moral character and a background free of certain types of criminal convictions

- Demonstrated experience that makes you uniquely qualified for the job for which you have been offered, including previous work history, special skills and education

- Evidence that you are skilled in a field in which there is a shortage of workers in New Zealand

- Proof from your prospective employer that the company first searched for a citizen of New Zealand to fill the vacant job

- An explanation from your prospective employer that details why a foreign worker is needed to fill the position

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