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Chess Moving - Relocating Overseas with a Professional Moving Service

So, you are planning on moving overseas , and you want everything to be in top shape, without having to worry about anything regarding preparation or transportation issues. This is precisely what Chess Moving wants to assist you with.

The professional approach and the dedication that the company employs when dealing with each and every one of their clients in part are clear signs that the quality of the services provided is not to be ignored. Moreover, these personalized, reliable services are available in all the major locations throughout the entire world.


Transporting all your items safely is one of the most crucial parts of moving to a different country. The journey can be long, and this is why, it is very important to select only the most efficient container for each item in part.

With the help of our partners, we will provide comprehensive assistance in this regard, ensuring that all your goods, furniture and any types of delicate items, such as musical instruments or crystal glasses, are properly wrapped, stored and transported safely to your destination.

Depending on the weight of the shipment, as well as other considerations, such as whether or not a country supports certain types of containers, there can be 3 different containers that can be used for carrying your goods overseas: lift-vans, steamship containers and air freight containers.

Ocean transport is usually the least expensive and most common way chosen by people when it comes to transporting their items overseas. Air freight can be another excellent option. While air freight is slightly more expensive, it can be quicker, and depending on the nature of the shipment, it is recommended in case of relocation to certain countries.

Preparation, Insurance and Protection Programs

When having to move overseas, preparation is everything. With the services we offer, you will not have to worry about preparation, packing or the loading of lift-vans and other containers. Our professional, full packing and unpacking services will ensure that all your goods are carefully secured and protected from any type of damage.

For overseas transit protection, the programs you can find here are some of the most comprehensive, as well as accessible, when it comes to protecting all your items against damage or loss.

The most important protection plan is the "Door-to-Door" protection, which extends from the point of departure to the new residential location at the international destination. Also, with the transit and storage option, goods are also protected during storage for a period of up to 180 days, if required.

You can even get optional protection for losses as well as global claim services, provided by a multilingual staff that has access to numerous repair companies and support services throughout the entire world.

Whether you are interested in relocating to a major country such as the US, or you are attracted by places such as Brazil, India or South Africa, with us, you will always have reliable services and all the information you need to make the transition remarkably smooth. Contact us for the best online full moving quotes and the most affordable prices you will ever find!


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