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Whether you're moving house and are concerned about the safety of your piano, or are using piano rentals for parties, concerts, and workshops, you need reliable piano removals. Chess Moving has years of experience securely and carefully moving pianos for fixed rates. We can also secure safe piano storage during your move. Get your piano to your new home safely with the best Piano moving company in Australia.

Stress-free & affordable Piano Movers

Moving a piano can be a delicate process, so you need to know you have a removal team with experience. At Chess Moving, all our moving men have the skills to move upright pianos and grand pianos. Pianos are heavy items and we understand that they need special attention. Unlike any other piano movers, we offer exceptional customer service at a fair price. With our perfect mix of experienced piano movers, well-maintained vehicles, and specialist gear, you can feel confident that your valuable piano will be safely delivered. All of our experts have experience in moving upright pianos. When we move your piano, you can trust that we will be incredibly careful and that the equipment and vehicle that we use are the very latest.

Schedule your next piano move with Piano Moving Company

If your piano has fallen down, we can move it to somewhere safe. Chess Movers is the best piano relocation company in Australia. To talk to us about moving your piano, give us a call on 13 14 69  and we'll help you make your move. All of our employees are fully insured, bonding, license, and certification, so you know you're in safe hands. Our many years of experience allow us to safely move your delicate instruments without damage. When you move your piano, you are assigned three or four expert piano removalists if necessary. These numbers will vary depending on how big and difficult the piano is to move.

We handle every piano with great care

We have a dedicated moving crew of Professional piano movers who can handle all of your piano moving needs, whether it involves the challenge of an elevator or a stairway. Our team can help to protect your piano while it's being transported. The piano will be carefully wrapped in the best of condition so we can avoid any damage. The piano will then be securely stored inside the trailer or van so that no damages can occur when the van is in motion. If you decide to move back again from your destination we will take as much care in transferring your upright piano as we did in removing it.

As well as moving your piano, we can also store it for you in our storage facilities. Storage can be helpful if you want your protect your piano during renovations or redecorating. We pride ourselves in providing clean, secure warehouse facilities including high-security storage to government-approved standards. We offer a broad range of storage options, all of which are dust and vermin proof with high-end security and fire protection systems for peace of mind and the protection and safety of your piano.

Why should I choose Chess Moving Piano Movers?

We understand how important your piano is to you, and will take special care during piano moving. Our staff members are well trained to move pianos in a professional and efficient manner. Our professional piano moving company understands all the important parts and features of pianos and will prepare carefully for even the simplest and most straightforward move. All of our piano removal services are provided to our customers in absolute confidence at a fair price and at reasonable rates.

Send us a message and we'll get back to you

If you need help moving a piano, send us a message or call us and we’ll get back to you with a free, no-obligation quote for your move.

Australia’s Most Trusted Piano Removalist

If you're in need of expert Piano Removalists in Australia, we have proven experience with an outstanding reputation in our field. Our goal is to offer the best quality piano or pool table removals and relocation services in Australia. We can also offer priority moves and will work on weekends and during business hours as needed. Your professional piano movers will always take care when you move or remove the piano using high-quality moving equipment.

A Removals Company You Can Trust

Moving home is sometimes not the best or the most pleasant work. Our Piano Removal company in Australia has been established to make this process as easy as possible for everyone. Our skilled removalists will transport your pianos and chairs safely. Our Professional Piano Moving company in Australia is here to assist you. If your musical instrument is moving to another location, trying to move it yourself may eat away at your energy and cause a lot of stress. This is why requesting the help of professionals with a lot of expertise is a good idea.

Moving Pianos Across Australia

Our Piano Removals company has a long history of shifting Pianos around Australia. We also move box pianos, grand pianos (with three legs that need dismantling for movement), pianolas (large pianos with automatic controls), and organs (generally utilized for church functions), and offer piano storage. Moving pianos requires lots of necessary tools for the safe and successful movement of the pianos unlike moving other furniture.

Moving Insurance

You can feel more secure knowing that the piano has been properly insured before anybody starts moving it. Unfortunately, many companies are not insured for issues such as the instruments becoming lost or damaged during relocation. Our Australian piano movers are fully insured, and never leave anything out of our expert moves. Our Piano Removals firm has full insurance coverage against any loss or damage of an instrument in our care.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Our Piano Removals company offers our customers best-in-class customer services at a competitive cost to ensure the fairest possible price for the client. Call us or use our online quote tool to get a free quote on piano or other heavy equipment removal requirements. Get in touch with Piano Removals today!

We're the piano moving experts

Chess Movers have been transporting a number of piano models around Australia for over years. You don't have to be moving house to benefit from our help either. We can also help to move an upright piano from the living room to a bedroom, from the hall or the office, or up from a basement. Contact an expert piano moving company that can perform this job for you and get your piano safely into its new home.

Piano Removalists With skills

We use a rotary hammer to carefully remove all pieces of the piano from the back, and then safely move it on the proper trolley and bring it into the truck with a hydraulic lifting device. At the other end, we remove it securely from the truck and carefully reassemble the pieces we removed. 

Specialist Piano Movers

Throughout a long career in piano removals, we have acquired skills and experience in piano moving through countless job opportunities throughout Australia.

Got all details on moving your Piano Equipment or if you still have any questions about Piano Removals. Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff today.

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