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Moving To Europe

Europe is the land of high tea and Shakespeare. A land of history and romance. What could be more exciting than the prospect of moving to Europe? Not much, until you realise that you need to move your belongings as well. Now if you’ve moved house before, you will agree it's usually a messy business. But moving to Europe can be a logistical nightmare. The right company will put you - the customer - first and will supply you with a moving and packing checklist to make the process as stress-free as possible. Even with the help of a great international removalist, you would do well to have a checklist to help you avoid a catastrophe. The first things on the to-do list should be: -Confirm dates with all involved -Put your signature on the agreement that your chosen moving company supplied you -Ensure all your necessary insurance is handled -Provide or arrange for contact details -Get rid of anything you don’t want to take with you -Ensure you’ve cancelled all subscriptions that need to be cancelled -Ensure you have sent out any change of address notifications Once you’ve done the above arrangements the time has come to start packing. Some moving companies will actually come out and help you pack! You're best off starting packing the basement, loft, and garage. Make sure all electrical equipment such as fridges and freezers are emptied out, and never pack heavy large items with small delicate items. Put all the tools together and clearly label if any items could be dangerous. Ensure you put anything commonly used together in a box. Always label all the boxes clearly, especially if any items are fragile. If you can provide the movers with a detailed list of what box goes to what part of your new home, it could make it easier for them to help you. The best way to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed with the move is to make it fun. At Chess Moving, we'll do anything within our power to help you organise, pack and move all your treasured belongings to your new overseas home! Trust us to make this an easy, memorable experience.


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