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How to obtain a moving quote from Chess Moving

How do I obtain an moving quote  ?

There are a number of ways you can source a price for your move. Wether you moving Locally, Moving Interstate or Moving Overseas it is always better to have a consultant call at your home to estimate your move costs. This will ensure the moving company can assess the access to your property estimating the time required for the removalists  to collect your goods. On site estimates also mean a fixed price to ensure there are no surporises on the moving day. To often people provide information to moving companies and accidently leave out important imformation that can incure additional fees on the moving day.

Another way is to source a quote online. At Chess we can provide athis online service which is the next best thing to obtaining and accurate quote as we do ask all the required questions to assess your moving requrements.

Your can call a Chess office near you in Australia on 13 14 69 or click the link to obtain a quote

Or go online here  to obtain a full moving quote. 


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