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Are You Moving Interstate to Tasmania During COVID-19 Restrictions ? Here Are Some Tips From Chess Moving

Chess Moving Provides Professional Moving Services In Place To Ensure Your Move During COVID-19 Restrictions Is As Safe As Possible

Please note: This blog was last updated on the 12/07/21. 

Safely Moving Interstate to Tasmania During the Pandemic; Everything You Should Know

The novel coronavirus has disrupted lifestyles and daily activities both in Australia and abroad. While we can maintain social distancing until everyone is out of the woods, moving isn't something you can put on standby. Interstate travel — for instance, moving to Hobart or Launceston during the pandemic — has become complicated due to border-entry restrictions passed in specific regions and states.

While moving to another state or domain is overwhelming for many individuals in this particularly turbulent period, it’s still common among many Australians. With the present number of active COVID-19 cases in other territories and its present infection risks, it is advised to defer or delay moving, especially when moving interstate. Yet this isn't conceivable because of several reasons. This raises the question of how to move safely during this period, and more significantly, whether or not moving services are still accessible.

Is moving interstate during the coronavirus is possible?

Moving dates are hardly flexible for many people. After recently selling or buying a home with a forthcoming closing date, it is significant to have access to services that will permit you to relocate. Despite all the COVID constraints and advice, changing homes is thought to be essential, and removalist specialists such as Chess Moving provide reliable services to even the hardest-hit states and domains across Australia.

Yet, every state or region has their own set of COVID-19 regulations for moving. It is therefore imperative to understand the requirement for your destination state beforehand. However, take note that rules and restrictions are regularly changing across Australia's states and territories; therefore, applicable ones regarding moving interstate can vary even on moving days.

Because of this, Chess Moving maintains constant communication with various stakeholders involved in regulatory or guideline changes applicable to Australia's cargo and logistics services. This way, you stay informed on any new restrictions or easing all through your home moving process.

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What you can and can't do when moving to Tasmania 

The outbreak has disrupted various aspects of our lives, and the real estate industry is no exception; many homeowners, sellers and buyers alike have been affected. Thankfully, moving homes is still possible. The best recommendation for moving to Tasmania is to know what you can and can’t do when making your arrangements.

Moving interstate during the pandemic is a big decision and likewise an overwhelming one. In the present pandemic times, it’s reasonable to have questions regarding your big move. Australia has implemented various rules and guidelines to protect its residents and manage infection risks. These rules and guidelines are constantly adjusted with extra measures to offer more solid protection against the infection’s spread.
Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you should know when moving interstate to Tasmania amid COVID-19.

Although Tasmania's border entry conditions consider where travellers have been before arriving in the state, both visiting and returning residents must provide their details and places they’ve travelled to. This is to help state authorities efficiently manage the virus’ spread through the state's borders. Regions are flagged as high, medium or low risk based on the public health advisory. Factors considered during risk assessment include community-based infection numbers or the number of active cases in the region, all subject to public health advisory. While exemptions may apply, there are quarantine fees for travellers who need to isolate themselves in accommodation facilities provided by the government.

Domestic travellers are not allowed entry into Tasmania if they’ve spent 14 days or more in Australia's high-risk areas, except confirmed as an essential traveller. Travellers from such risk areas are additionally required to give details to assist in determining their isolation and other entry requirements.

Before showing up in Tasmania, travellers who have spent 14 days in a medium-risk territory will need to be isolated either in premises or designated places offered by the government. However, those who have spent 14 days in low-risk locations before arriving in Tasmania won’t need to isolate upon arrival. They could provide information on their personal and travel history via the Tas e-Travel system less than three days before they arrive.

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Are there any self-isolation restrictions?

Isolation may be necessary when an individual is travelling from high-risk regions and presents covid-19 transmission risk. It may also be helpful in situations where a traveller is identified to have come into close contact with an infected person. While you could stay in your home, a state facility or elsewhere, you’ll be restricted to a specific location away from other people until you’re cleared of the virus.

Despite this, there are certain situations where you can leave quarantine, including going for a COVID-19 test, leaving Tasmania, leaving for urgent healthcare attention that can’t be offered over the phone, or during emergency medical situations.

What paperwork is involved? Are there any arrival forms or border passes required?

There are forms you’ll be required to complete when moving into Tasmania as part of numerous stringent measures employed to help check the spread of COVID-19. Before arriving at the border, you’ll be required to fill an arrival form. Some circumstances may require providing proof of residency, including a Tasmanian driver’s licence, a government personal information card, a person with vision impairment travel pass, or an Australian tax office assessment. A government concession card including an address and vehicle registration papers are some acceptable proof of residency.


Moving to Tasmania 

The Australian island city has lots of appeals and is more affordable than larger cities. The Australian government implemented a 14-day self-isolation or quarantine period applicable to every traveller upon entry into Tasmania from any place outside the state. Several measures have been put in place, and you’ll need to furnish law enforcement with the required information and your Tasmania residency address if you are self-isolating.
However, there are certain situations where you can be allowed to leave the premises, for example, when you need special medical attention or during emergency cases. Removalist service providers are excluded from this requirement, meaning they’ll be able to convey your belongings to your new residence.

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FAQs about moving to Tasmania during the pandemic

Is it safe to move to Tasmania during the pandemic?

Moving to Tasmania during the pandemic is very safe, especially with removalist experts like Chess Moving. Moving to a new state can be daunting even during regular times. However, you can move quickly and safely with the proper preparation and strict adherence to laid down measures and regulations. Tasmania is presently one of the safest places to move in Australia, with zero active cases.

Is there any paperwork involved?

People travelling to Tasmania, including returning residents, must provide their travel and contact details before entering the state. You may be required to register for a Tas e-Travel or G2G PASS irrespective of whether you are staying briefly or moving to Tasmania. The details provided will help provide you with regular emails or text messages on 14-days after moving to the state. Authorities may likewise contact travellers before moving to Tasmania when necessary.

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Is there any quarantine requirement in Tasmania?

The need to self-isolate or quarantine depends on where you’re moving to and from. There are restrictions when you’re arriving from high-risk areas into Tasmania. It’s not a requirement to self-isolate when travelling from a low-risk area. Despite this, it’s helpful to follow regulations and guidelines when moving certain areas, including WA, NT, or QLD.

Checklist items before moving

In the current state of uncertainty, it’s essential to do enough relevant research before moving interstate. Below are four vital checklist items you should consider ahead of moving day.

Be well informed about relevant border restrictions

It’s vital to stay informed regarding your current location and destination constantly changing regulations and border restrictions before moving. Things may evolve quicker than you expect, yet there are .gov websites to keep you informed.

Find out your removalist COVID-19 safety plan

Removalist companies and other businesses offering "essential" services in Australia must have a COVID-19 safety plan. The plan ensures the removalist team’s and clients’ safety, hygiene, and proper record keeping. You can likewise find out from your removalist company any safety measures they've implemented to guarantee a safe move. Chess Moving, among other highly reputable removalist companies in Australia, have your health and the safety of your possessions as a top priority.

Consider your health needs

Each state and regional government is attempting to protect its residents from catching the virus, so your well-being should be a top priority when arranging a move. It’s best to get tested irrespective of your area of residence. If you notice any COVID-19 symptoms, suspend your moving until you’re in the clear.

Get your paperwork and any necessary documentation ready

While some states will require electronic copies of your entry pass or paperwork to be presented at the airport or border, others may require you to have hard copies as well. To keep safe and avoid any uncomfortable situation, always move prepared.

Are you looking for a removalist company to make your move much easier? Chess Moving has a comprehensive plan to ensure a seamless move for every client, whether local, interstate or abroad. With decades of experience providing reliable, helpful and friendly removalists services, Chess Moving offers an additional integrated safety plan to guarantee completely safe moving for every one of your family members and team. Reach us now to know how we can assist you.

Choosing Chess Moving

Whether you’re moving locally, interstate, or overseas, you can count on Chess Moving to provide dependable, helpful, and friendly removalist services. Our knowledgeable staff will give you the right advice and deliver on time, every time.

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