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Moving offices within your city? Get the professionals to do it.

Office relocation can seem like an overwhelming task, even if you’re only moving to the next suburb or down the road. This can be a lot more complicated than moving an entire household.

Chances are you can’t afford the downtime, so you need this process to go as smoothly (and quickly) as possible. After all, those mounting documents and unread emails won’t sort themselves out while you're busy packing boxes and keeping track of confidential records.

Sure, you can take a shot at this mammoth task yourself, but why not enlist the services of a professional company that specialises in moving offices, so you can focus on your job instead?

After all, there’s so much more to moving an office than simply relocating furniture from point A to point B. Your office is like a treasure chest, full of valuable information that must be handled with the utmost care. There are complex systems in place that must be factored into every step of the moving process.

No doubt your computer infrastructure underpins everything your organisation does, from managing customer interactions to storing databases of confidential information. Your computer servers, photocopiers, printers and communications equipment are all connected in a delicate network that must be carefully navigated.

Never attempt to move this sensitive equipment yourself, unless you want to risk blowing a fuse, destroying data or causing irreparable damage, to the equipment, or yourself!

Many work related musculoskeletal injuries are obtained when people attempt to move office furniture or equipment. Don’t risk your health, or the wellbeing of your staff, by taking this task into your own hands. Professional movers have years of experience moving delicate and heavy equipment using the best tools, while covered by comprehensive insurance, in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.  

If you’re worried about your paper files getting mixed up, Chess Moving prides itself on relocating files with painstaking accuracy, using our ingenious file trolleys. We pack your documents into our carefully-designed file trolleys in reverse order, to make the unpacking process a breeze that protects your original flowing sequence.

We also use eco friendly, sturdy, secure and affordable crates to move your belongings. These are safe to handle and can be easily stacked and moved around on skates that operate quietly and take up minimal office space. The crates remain on the stakes during the moving process, which means our staff don’t waste time loading and unloading boxes.

As a professional moving company that specialises in office relocation, Chess Moving handles:

  • Office relocations
  • Office removals
  • Employee relocations
  • Library relocations
  • Hotel fit outs
  • Hospital relocations

Our services include:

  • Long and short term storage in secure and bonded storage facilities
  • Professional file relocation services
  • Computer and IT equipment relocation
  • Asset disposal services (we can co-ordinate the auctioning of any unwanted items, including transportation)

 Contact us to find out how we can help you relocate offices within your city.


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