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Moving Interstate from Hobart or Tasmania

How to Move

Moving urgent items by air

Mostly furniture and effects are transported by road, ferry then rail from Tasmania.

However if you need some urgent items at your destination ready for when you first arrive Chess can arrange to have them air freighted ahead of your furniture.

Moving By Sea and Road

Alternatively, you can ship your belongings by boat from Tasmania and then transport the rest of way by road and rail. Depending on how much you’re taking with you and how long you can spare for your belongings to arrive at your destination, this is the most cost-effective way of moving.

Chess Moving utilize a shipping container system sending your goods to another Chess office for delivery.  Chess Tasmania has regular road transport options as well giving you flexibility and control although it may be a little more expensive for road all the way to destination, just a little faster most of the time.

As a general idea: A small move (two-bedroom unit) may cost from $2,000 to $5,000, while a larger move can cost around $6,000 upwards.

Scheduling Your Move

Depending on your mainland destination, a move from Tasmania can take anywhere from one to four weeks, or sometimes longer. Booking your move as early as possible is ideal.

This quick checklist will help your long-distance move go smoothly:

  • Have you given adequate notice to lease or sell your current home in Tasmania?
  • Have you timed connections to the necessary utilities to match your scheduled arrival (water, electricity)?
  • What will you do if there is a delay with your furniture or belongings?

What Will You Take?

Which furniture or items will you leave behind and which will you take with you?

You may want to think about how your volume of belongings will affect your moving costs and if it will actually be cheaper to replace some of your items at your destination.

If your move is only for the short-term, research your storage options and costs to determine whether storing your goods might be a better alternative than moving them.

Moving Your Vehicle

If you also need to move cars or other vehicles, a moving company that provides this service can be a convenient option. If not, your provider may be able to offer advice about safely and efficiently moving vehicles to the mainland.

Transporting your vehicles (by ferry) can be less costly, but it can also be much more time consuming as it rules out the option of flying to your destination. If you do decide to drive, you should ensure that your car is in good condition for a long haul trip.  

Quarantine Requirements

If you intend to move any plants, pets or animals, food, soil or even agricultural equipment, you’ll need to check the quarantine requirements of your destination state. Some items will be restricted, while for others, you may need to obtain a permit.

More information about quarantine conditions can be found at:

Minimising Your Moving Costs

The first stage of a good move can be to get rid of items you don’t need by either selling or giving them away; remember, the greater the volume of items being moved, the longer it takes to handle them and the more money it will cost.

If you are only relocating for a short period of time, say six to 12 months, storage of certain items may be cheaper than moving them.

Make sure you organise transit insurance for your items because if they become damaged, delayed or lost during the move, you’re automatically covered for their replacement or repairs.  

Working with Removalists

Professional removalists can take care of the moving process for you, so you don’t need to be there to supervise every step. When moving from Tasmania, this can be ideal, since a great deal of additional coordination and management will be needed.

Essential questions when researching moving companies include:

  • How experienced are you with interstate relocations?
  • What services do you provide as standard, and which cost extra? 
  • How will you move our goods out of Tasmania?
  • What ‘steps’ of our moving process will you manage?
  • What isn’t included or covered by you?

At Chess Moving, we can organise and manage your relocation to or from Tasmania, with a package that leaves no detail to chance. Call 13 14 69 for a fast quote.


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