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Moving Interstate – Is Air, Road or Rail Best?

Moving interstate is an exciting time. But one of the key decisions you will have to make will be whether to move your belongings by road, air or rail. 


The method of transport you use will often be determined by the accessibility of your destination. While big cities are easily accessible by all three options, other more remote destinations can restrict your decision and have an impact on scheduling your move.  

Moving By Air

Moving by air is almost universally prohibitively expensive -- so basically you should only move by air if time is of the essence and you're not really concerned about costs. So you’ll need to factor these expenses into your decision, including advance-booking your flight, which will be more economical the further ahead you book your tickets.

Loading your goods (and even yourself) onto a plane may be the best solution if you need to relocate quickly and if you don’t need to move any vehicles.

Moving By Road

Whether you hire a professional moving company or rent your own truck, relocating by road is one of the most popular ways to move as it is considered easy, convenient and affordable.

It also means your items can be taken straight to your new home, without having to change transport methods in between.

Tip: You may be able to save money when moving interstate by road by ‘backloading’ or sharing a truck or container with other movers, thereby reducing your costs.

Moving by Train

Rail transport is another good moving option, assuming a railway station is easily accessible at your new destination.

Travelling by rail can also be much more enjoyable for the whole family, since there are no airports to deal with and no driving required.

In some cases, relocating your belongings by train is particularly suitable if you need to move large items, like boats, cars or big furniture items.

Which Transport Mode Will Be Best For Your Move?

Your ideal method of moving house depends on how much and how fast you need to relocate, as well as your moving budget.

When deciding on a removalist company, request quotes for road, air and rail – this will allow you to compare costs thoroughly between suppliers and decide which mode of transport will be best for you.

We recommend road transport if you are looking to keep your relocation expenses down, if you can organise your move well in advance and/or if you are not in a major rush to get to your new destination.

Choose air transport if you need to move quickly or if you are not overly concerned about costs.

Rail transport may be ideal for long haul moves (eg. Sydney to Perth), or if you need to transport large items or vehicles.

Tip: Ensure your chosen removalists are able to help you move to your specific destination – be aware that some companies may only offer moving services to and from certain cities.  

For further advice on how to move interstate, contact the Chess Moving team today on 13 14 69.


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