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Moving In High Summer

Moving In High Summer

Put your health first

While you’re unlikely to be interrupted by storms or slip in any puddles, heat exhaustion is a real thing, as is heat stroke. Prepare by wearing light, cotton clothing, regularly reapplying sunscreen and keeping cool drinks close by at all times. It’s alright to take breaks to cool off, and we recommend leaving your fan plugged in at the first house until the very last minute, so anyone who overheats can stand in front of it to bring their body temperature back down.

Keep your energy levels up

Dehydration is a huge risk, so water is important. But energy levels can also drop as your body burns more calories through sweat. Keep healthy, filling snacks nearby such as nuts, sandwiches and fruit to give you and your team small boosts of energy throughout the day. You might also consider purchasing an electrolyte based drink or two for more severe cases of dehydration and a quick burst of sugar when your energy levels take a dive.

Treat sensitive items with care

Laptops, televisions and other electronics often don’t deal well in hot environments, so don’t pack them into the back of a sweltering hot removalist truck. If possible, move these via car early in the morning, or leave them until the very end of the day as it begins to cool down again. Don’t be tempted to leave them in your car all day, as cars are known hot boxes that can reach temperatures of over 50C on hot days. Candles should also be moved by car... as the last thing you need is melted wax all over your other home wares.

Look after your pets

Fido and Fluffy aren’t fond of hot days, and often struggle to cool off when they overheat – especially if they have thick coats. This is exacerbated by the stress of moving house, which can leave them vulnerable. Making sure fresh water is available to them at all times is key, and never leave them in a hot car unattended. If you’re unable to organise for them to stay in an animal boarding home for the day, lock them in the bathroom with fresh water and treats – and check on them regularly. Bathrooms tend to stay cool, can still be navigated by those who need to use them, and if any of the animals have an accident... well wiping down tiles is far easier than scrubbing carpet.

Get rid of the kids

You’re already hot and sweaty, so you don’t want the added pressure of having your children complain about how hot they are, how they are hungry/thirsty/need to lay down/want to go in the pool. Ask a family or friend if they can watch your children for the day so that you are able to focus completely on the task at hand, not wondering where your little ones are or how long ago you applied sunscreen to their faces.


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