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Moving House During Lockdown in Melbourne (Coronavirus)

Moving house during lockdown
Chess Moving have processes in place to ensure your move during lockdown is as safe as possible

Please note: This blog was last updated on the 14/07/21.

Can I move house in Melbourne? Can my friends and family assist me? Moving house is viewed as essential travel but it can be difficult to understand what restrictions may be applied to the whole process. Here at Chess Moving we wanted to take the time to answer some FAQ’s regard moving in Victoria during to lockdown to help you make an informed decision.

Can I move house in Melbourne? 

Yes. There are certain exemptions outlined by the Victorian government relating to moving. The guidelines state that if your home is no longer available for you (such as by end of lease or sale) to live in then you can move to new premises. In addition to this they also state a person may leave a restricted area for the purpose of moving to a new premises in which they will ordinarily reside. Please refer to the Victorian government’s stay at home directions for more information.

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What level of restrictions is currently in place in Victoria?

From 11:59 pm on Thursday, 8 July 2021, there has been further easing of restrictions in Victoria

Is it safe to move house during coronavirus?

Yes, but it’s advisable to choose professional removalists. This way you can ensure the correct guidelines are followed. An experienced removal company will have more resources to carry out a safe and efficient move, protecting you and your family as much as possible. These include qualified staff who can provide essential advice and all the necessary equipment. 

At Chess Moving Australia, we working hard to make sure our customers have access to our services and support. Our main priority is your health and wellbeing and for that reason, we are closely following government guidelines and updates. We are open for business and taking all the necessary precautions to ensure our customers have a safe moving experience.

We provide as much information online or over the phone. Our goal is to respond quickly and compassionately so you can be as informed as possible. We are working to ensure that we balance the needs of our employees, families, customers, and the community. We understand that this is a difficult period for everyone and taking all necessary measures to minimize the potential impact of COVID-19 for all concerned.  

Can I pack my own things?

Certainly, if you would like the extra peace of mind of us not touching your items then this is an option. Chess Moving offer crates and cartons in all shapes and sizes. We offer environmentally friendly crates made in recycled plastic. We also can provide labelled cartons in various sizes if required. All our packing materials available for hire are thoroughly sanitised prior to use to ensure your safety.   

Woman packing moving boxes in her home
Chess Moving offer crates and moving boxes in all shapes and sizes

Can friends or family help me move?

Yes, providing that social distancing measures are followed. The Department of Health and Human Services Victoria has confirmed that members of a household or one family member or friend can help somebody move, provided they stay socially distant. You can also assist someone in another household to move house where care and support are required due to age, infirmity, disability, or because of their health.

Can I move outside of curfew hours?

No, curfew remains in place so any moving activities have to take place betweek 5am and 8pm.

Does someone have to come into my home to provide me with a moving quote?

No, Chess Moving offers free online quote. In addition to online quotes we also offer free consultations over the phone. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team members about your moving needs.

Sanitising the house before moving
Chess Moving are here to provide advice on how you can prepare for a safe move

How can I assist in making the move as safe as possible? 

There are a few things you can do to make the move as safe as possible. First of all, if you’re unwell it’s important to let us know straight away. Also, inform us if anyone in your family or people you have close contact with are sick or have symptoms.

Please also provide the movers with the necessary hygiene products. The coronavirus can live on cardboard for as long as 24 hours so it’s safer not to use free or recycled moving boxes. Chess Moving can provide you with the crates you need. Clean as you pack and sanitize your belongings. 

To stay on the safe side, wear a mask and gloves while packing and sanitize any items your movers will need to touch. Be as organized as possible and try to have any packing done 24 hours in advance. Keep boxes in a closed room where the movers can access them easily while still maintaining social distancing with you. Feel free to contact us for information about other best practices. 

What happens to my scheduled move if further restrictions are put in place?

If further restrictions are put in place Chess Moving will work with you to reschedule your move to the earliest possible date. Alternatively, a credit or refund can be offered where applicable.  We will strive to do everything in our power to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. 

Chess Moving is the perfect removalists to engage for your moving needs during the coronavirus. We are professional, experienced, and are committed to taking all necessary measures to minimize the spread and impact of the virus. For more information about moving in stage 4 lockdown, get in touch today

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