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Moving during the school term vs the holidays

School holidays are a rush

For parents who work full time, the school holidays can be a massive burden, where you still have to work out who is going to watch your children between 9 and 5 and whether it’s worth your taking annual leave this school holidays or the next. For many parents, school holidays are a bigger headache than the school term itself, so why put pressure on yourself?

Midterm is quieter

The fact is that most families will try to move during the school holidays for the same reasons you’re considering it. If you want to move on a day when the removalist company won’t be booked out by other families and couples, therefore potentially being distracted by the three other jobs they have that day. Even better is to try and move early in the week, as Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually removalists quietest days and often their cheapest too.

Kids at school keeps them out of your hair

 You might think the kids will help you move boxes in and out of the house, and they might if they’re teenagers, but little kids tend to be a bigger hassle than help when it comes to moving house. Having them out of your hair and in the classroom means that you can work faster and more efficiently on the move without them complaining about being tired or hungry (and who could blame them? Moving isn’t exactly joyful for children). It’s far easier to remind them that morning, as you take them to school, that they’ll be coming home to a new house and then

Move the week before school holidays

If you children are a bit older and are able to assist in the move, try to move right before school holidays. That last week of term is often filled with filler activities and wrap ups of what they’ve already learned, so can often safely be skipped for a day or two. Have them help you with their own belongings and if they’re old enough to be left unattended for an hour or two, let them start unpacking the moment they arrive. Think linen closets, kitchen supplies and even organising the pantry are good tasks for tweens to undertake.


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