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More Australians are moving to New Zealand


A growing number of Australians are choosing to call New Zealand home.

Until recently, Australia has been the destination of choice, attracting more people from New Zealand than the other way around.

But this trend has shifted in recent years, with the number of people moving from Australia to New Zealand exceeding those who leave “the land of the long white cloud” to migrate here.

More than 25 000 people moved to New Zealand from Australia in 2015, compared to the 24 504 New Zealanders moving Down Under.

Why are so many Aussies crossing the Tasman to set up their lives in New Zealand?

It’s relatively easy to move to New Zealand, since Australian citizens and permanent residents don’t need a visa to live and work there. New Zealand is often referred to as our Tasman cousin, and for good reason. Our two nations share many similarities, including a common language, so Australians are likely to feel at home in Aotearoa (Maori word).

Many people call New Zealand the most beautiful country in the world, and who can blame them? New Zealand is synonymous with an outdoorsy way of life that’s underpinned by a love of sport and adventure. Scenic highlights include sandy beaches, towering volcanoes, rugged mountains, and striking glaciers.

There’s also the attraction of a more laid back lifestyle, compared to the hustle and bustle of Australian cities. The cost of living is also likely to be slightly cheaper.

Highlights for Australians living, studying and working in New Zealand:


Australian citizens and permanent residents can be classified as domestic students in New Zealand. This means you pay local fees for education, which includes tertiary. Most primary and secondary schools are free too.

You need to live in New Zealand for at least three years before applying for a student loan or Student Allowance.

Home ownership:

Australians living in New Zealand don’t have to worry about restrictions when renting or purchasing property - they face the same conditions as New Zealanders.


Australians living in New Zealand are eligible for the popular employer and government-subsidised scheme called KiwiSaver, which helps employed people save for retirement.

Some providers allow you to transfer savings from your Australian retirement scheme.


Australians living in New Zealand can access the full range of publicly funded health care, as long as they plan to live in New Zealand for at least two years on an ongoing basis.

Australians who don’t intend to stay for two years can access immediate hospital and maternity services, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Thinking about moving to New Zealand, but don’t know where to begin?

Chess Moving specialises in moving people to New Zealand. We can help you plan the big move, as well as settle into your new home. Our team handle it all - from navigating border policies, to pension and public health applications - so you can direct your energy elsewhere.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.



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