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How to Say Goodbye to Friends and Family When Moving to Another Country

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you're likely to ever do, but the prospect is made even more daunting when your move means relocating overseas. A good moving firm will help you with practical matters like clearing customs and relocating your pets, but even they can't help manage the emotional toll of leaving family members and friends behind. It might seem like an impossible task, but with these tips in mind you can properly say goodbye to loved ones as you move abroad.

Break the News Quickly and Personally

Telling someone you care about that you're moving overseas is always difficult, but resist the urge to procrastinate. The more time your loved ones have to get used to the idea, the easier it will be. Saying goodbye close to such a large move will also make your family members or friends feel undervalued as they will presume they're the last person to know.

Further on this point, make sure to tell your loved ones of your departure individually and in person. Social media posts and mass emails might make it easy to break important news to a large group of people at once, but these digital methods are far too impersonal for such a significant announcement. The personal touch will help ease the heartache your loved ones may feel.

Get the Tone Right

Saying goodbye to loved ones requires a balanced tone. On the one hand, it's important to focus on the positives. Remember that your family members and friends only want what's best for you. If they can see that you're happy with your decision to move overseas, they'll support it. Speak with excitement about new job prospects and some of the perks of your new home.

However, too much positivity may lead your loved ones to believe you're saying goodbye without a backwards glance. Remember to mention how sad you are to be leaving them behind and how much you'll miss their regular presence in your life.

Don't Leave Any Loose Ends

Many people have emotional baggage surrounding personal relationships. It's tempting to let those problems stay in the past, especially if you're moving overseas. You're likely never to see these people again, so why raise the issue? Studies show that most people deal with conflict by avoiding it. However, most people also admit that this strategy never works. Resentment simmers and awkwardness ensues. Meeting the problems you've had with people in your past head on will allow you to bid them a healthy goodbye and move overseas feeling emotionally lighter.

In the worst case scenario, you'll achieve the closure you need to truly move on from the problem before your departure. But at best you might discover that talking through your issues helps you regain some of the closeness you used to share. 

Have a Going Away Party

Once you've informed your nearest and dearest of your decision to relocate, you should start planning a going away party. It might seem like another job to add to your already very long to do list, but a going away party will give your family members and friends the opportunity to say a final goodbye, and it will also help you take a welcome break from the stress of your move. Brainstorm a guest list with your family so that your spouse's workmates and children's important friends are invited.

As guest of honour you should enjoy your party, so make sure it's a relaxed affair. Make use of your backyard, far away from your moving boxes. If you don't have suitable space outside, consider throwing the party at a loved one's home. Your menu needn't be of Masterchef standard either. Have a barbeque, order pizza, or encourage your guests to bring a plate to lighten your load. Avoid common catering mistakes and your party will be stress-free.

Ensure You're Saying Goodbye Only for Now

The rise of the digital age and the era of low-cost travel mean that you needn't really say goodbye, just goodbye for now. A promise to stay in touch can help ease the heartache your family members and friends might feel about your impending move.

Make connections with any family members and friends that aren't already on your social media lists so that you can follow each other's lives when you're gone. Trade Skype details so you can also video chat for free. Consider purchasing a cheap laptop for elderly relatives and giving them a crash course on the Internet so that they can use fast digital methods to stay in touch too. If they are unwilling to sign up for an Internet plan, teach them about local WiFi hotspots.

The old methods of communication still work too. Make a list of phone numbers so that you can call your friends and family members once you move. Hearing a friendly voice down the line can help you feel less homesick as you're settling in to your new environment. It's also worth collecting postal addresses too, particularly if you have children. Your kids will love receiving letters from loved ones left behind.  

And don't forget to make plans for real-life visits. A family member or friend living abroad is a wonderful excuse to take an overseas holiday! Making plans for the next time you'll see one another can help make those painful goodbyes a little easier. Saying goodbye is never easy, but as you and your family pursue opportunities abroad, these tips can help you part ways with your loved ones back home.

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