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How to Prep Your Belongings for the Professional Movers

Packing boxes

You may have some questions about preparing your belongings for professional movers. Use these common questions and answers to help you prepare for the big day.

How Can I Make Sure Everything Goes to the Proper Place?

Label everything you want to be moved. Use a label maker to clearly identify every box, its contents, and where you want it to go. You can also use masking tape and a permanent marker to label boxes and individual items.

If you have arranged for the professional movers to pack for you, make sure you label every item ahead of time. It also helps to organise your items. If you want everything from the kitchen to stay together, then make sure you group them with items that belong in the same drawers or cupboards.

Professional movers follow high standards when packing, but will need your guidance. If you're particular about something, make sure you mark the items accordingly.

What Should I Use to Protect My Belongings During the Move?

You want to make sure that you protect fragile items that could get damaged during the move. Unexpected accidents can happen with even the most fastidious movers. 

Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper. Don't rely on paper towels, newspaper, or blankets. They don't offer nearly as much protection as bubble wrap.

You should also write "FRAGILE" on any boxes carrying delicate items. Use a big permanent marker so your movers will see the lettering clearly.

Do the Movers Have Specially Designed Packing Materials?

Professional moving companies, including Chess Moving, have specially designed packing materials that keep delicate items safe during long, bumpy rides. Some of the packing materials might include boxes specially designed for moving:

  • dishes
  • glassware
  • mirrors
  • picture frames

Ask your moving professional whether they have shipping materials that meet your unique needs. If you want your moving professional to pack your delicate items, set them aside so they can be identified on arrival. You can also ask the company to give you packing materials ahead of time so you can do the job yourself.

How Do I Prepare Appliances for the Move?

Unplug any appliances before your movers arrive.  To save valuable time on the day, make sure you remove everything from inside the appliances before moving day. Wrap all hoses and cords so that they don't get tangle or cause accidents during the move.

Are There Items That Professional Movers Won't Move?

Chances are that your moving company has some restrictions that you should know about. This often includes perishables, such as frozen food and hazardous materials. Hazardous materials may include:

      • aerosols
      • propane
      • gasoline
      • fertilisers

The moving company should have a list of items it can't move. Set these items aside so you can move them yourself.

Do you have other questions about prepping your belongings for professional movers? What issues concern you most?


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