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How to Pick Out a Storage Unit

Storage units can give you a safe place to stash your surplus stuff in a variety of situations, such as when you're making a temporary move overseas or downsizing your family home. However, in a marketplace crowded with storage solutions it can be difficult to know which storage company to trust with your prized possessions. Ask yourself the following questions before you pick a storage unit.

How Much Storage Space Do I Really Need?

The first question anyone considering booking a storage unit should ask themselves is how much space they'll require. Think of your storage unit as a large cube, where you can utilise not just the floor space but also the vertical space. Consider which sturdy items you have to store that will be strong enough to bear the weight of other goods stored on top of them. Stacking your personal items is a great way to avoid purchasing more storage units than you need.

However, you shouldn't pack more into a storage space than you can safely fit. Some storage companies, including Chess Moving, have specialised storage crates that can minimise any damage to electronic devices, including flat-screen TVs. It may be worth booking one of these to keep fragile items safe.

Also, consider the way you'll use your storage unit when making your decision. Many people pack their storage space tight from wall to wall and floor to ceiling to save a buck, then struggle when they try to access their goods. If you're planning to return to your unit to retrieve items now and again, it's a good idea to make sure you can fit inside with some room to move.

Alternatively, consider choosing storage facilities like those offered by Chess Moving that number, label, and catalogue all stored goods. You can then simply contact Chess Moving and tell them what you hope to retrieve, and they'll have it ready for pick-up or will deliver it to you.

Will The Storage Unit Keep Nasties Out?

It's important to make sure your possessions will be in the same condition you left them in when you retrieve them. Most of us think to choose a storage centre that takes measures to keep thieves out, but humans aren't the only things that can pose a risk to your property.

A range of elements can damage your goods, so it's important to choose a storage facility that endeavours to keep these nasties out. Look for storage warehouses that will wrap your items in protective padding to minimise the chance of damage.

The storage module should also be dust and vermin proof. The best storage services will also have high-end fire protection systems to keep your items safe during bushfire season.

Do I Need Insurance?

No matter how many accreditations and assurances your storage facility provides, it's not smart to store your possessions without any insurance. However, your goods may already be covered. Contact your existing home insurance provider to see whether your policy extends to items in storage. If it doesn't, ask them how much this additional coverage would cost.

Many leading storage facilities also offer insurance to their customers. Get a quote for this and compare the coverage to assess the best deal.

Can I Look at the Storage Unit?

The best storage facilities will have nothing to hide. The staff members will happily let you inspect their storage units to determine whether they meet your needs.

You'll get a gut feeling about whether a storage facility is a professional operation or not. You're looking for well-maintained units that are clean and tidy. If the ones you see don't make the grade, or you can't see a unit before you commit, then you're likely to feel more comfortable with another provider.

Is This the Most Cost-Effective Solution?

Storage fees can add up, particularly if you have long-term needs, so it's important to choose a cost-effective solution. Prices can vary significantly, even for storage units of the same size in a similar location. Get a variety of quotes to ensure you're getting the best deal.

It may also be worth getting some quotes outside your local area, as location can play a part in pricing. For example, a storage centre in a small town may charge more than one based in a capital city where there is more competition for services. However, on many occasions capital city prices are greater than those you'll find in regional centres. If you rarely need to visit your storage centre, the savings you'll make storing goods outside your local area may be significant.

If you need medium or long-term storage, it's also not unreasonable to expect you'll pay a lower rate than someone who's only storing their goods for a week or two. Seek out providers that reward your loyalty with discounts.

Is the Contract Fair?

Assessing the contract is the final test for anyone looking to book a storage unit. Reputable storage companies will be upfront about their terms and conditions, and you won't find any hidden surprises hiding in the fine print. Read the contract carefully and make sure that you're comfortable with it before securing your storage unit. Ask questions about anything you're unsure about to ensure you understand what you're agreeing to. 

Whether you want to store goods for just a few weeks or many years here in Australia or anywhere around the world, contact Chess Moving today to find the best storage unit for your needs.


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