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Holidays in the UK

Getting ready for a move from Australia to the UK ? Learning as much as you can about the culture before you go can help you get ready for your move and more seamlessly adjust to life abroad. An important part of the culture in the UK is the holiday system.

Here are some details about UK holidays:

- England, Wales and Scotland have eight legal public holidays, while Northern Ireland has 10.

- New Year's Day and Christmas Day are holidays, and the UK also recognizes Good Friday and Easter Monday as annual public holidays.

- Commonly known as Boxing Day, the day following Christmas is also a national holiday; however, if the 26th is a Sunday, the occasion is celebrated the following Monday or the 27th.

- The UK has three bank holidays. They fall on the first Monday in May, the last Monday in May and the last Monday in August.

- In Northern Ireland, 17th September or St. Patrick's Day and 12th July or Orangemen's Day are also public holidays.

To learn more about the culture of the UK and prepare for your move abroad, give us a call here at Chess Moving.


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