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Home gyms are great, and there's nothing better than being able to get your workout done when and where you want it, but the convenience of that home gym ends when it's moving day. There are so many parts different parts when it comes to moving your Gym equipment, and packing it all away can be quite difficult if you've no experience with doing it yourself. It's not made to be convenient to pack, but it's not impossible if you know how, so long as you don't end up breaking something.

 It's not just the shape and the fact that so many parts make it difficult, but the weight, too. Not only are some pieces of gym equipment built to be heavy, but when moving gym equipment, you have a real chance of injuring yourself. There's a real danger in moving without the proper practice. You've got to make sure you're not improperly lifting anything.

There's no difference when it comes to commercial gyms, and you could argue that there's even more of a task ahead of you. When you've got an overwhelming amount of gym equipment to disassemble, prepare, and pack, it's not always worth your time to have a go at doing it for yourself.

If you are still interested in giving it a go yourself and feel like you can handle moving Gym equipment’s on your own, great! Keep on reading for more information about the process.

Preparation Before Moving Gym Equipments

It's not just as simple as tacking it all apart and squashing it into boxes. There's a method and steps to it. Before you start the process, you'll want to make sure you've got everything ready and that you've planned out what you're going to do.

Cleaning your Gym Equipment


First things first are cleaning your equipment. Of course, if your gym equipment sees a lot of use, it's only natural that it's going to need to be cleaned before you back it up. Neglecting to clean your equipment will only lead to it breaking faster, and now that you're taking it apart, it could be the perfect time to do so. It's best to do this with disinfectant so that it's all ready and clean for its new destination.

Cleaning the gym equipment in a commercial gym should already be common practice due to the amount of usage each piece of equipment gets, but still making sure to clean it before it's packed is a good idea.

Packing Gym Equipments

 Packing the equipment is where things might get a little more difficult if you've no order to it, and things can either get lost or damaged. With that said, if you've got a plan, then this can be the easiest step of all. You'll want to keep all the things together with their other parts, even when disassembled. When taking apart the dumbbells, make sure you put each set together in the same box, and make sure you're not putting too much weight per box - else, it's just going to break.

The same goes for things like towels, mats, and other soft gym equipment. These are all easy to pack; simply roll them up and pack them together in their own box.

You'll want to be extra careful here, as this is where the risk comes in when it comes to lifting the boxes. Even if you're strong enough to pick them up, it doesn't mean that it's going to do your back any good. Make sure when lifting the boxes, you're following proper procedure, and you're not putting all of the weight onto your back but your knees. Typical cardboard boxes may not cut for the dumbbells if you have a large selection of them, and they're a heavier set.

This more extensive equipment can get a bit more complicated, as there are many more parts to be taken off of each machine. If you're taking apart a treadmill, for example, then you'll want to make sure you know where each small piece is supposed to go once it's been removed.

If you no longer have the assembly manual, then you'll want to take a picture for each removed piece if possible; else, it can be hard to reassemble once you've moved. Once everything is disassembled, wrap up all of the small pieces safely to stop them from dispersing and keep them with the more significant parts.

There are more pieces, but these will be harder to fit into boxes and potentially much heavier and could require a helping hand from a friend or family member. It's not recommended to try and lift any equipment that's above what you can easily lift.

Hiring A Professional Gym Equipment Removalist 

If all of the above sounds like it's going to be too much work for you, then you might instead consider calling professionals to handle it for you. There's far too much work for someone who's already busy with their current responsibilities. It can take quite a while to get everything figured out and dealt with if it's your first time. It takes time to learn these processes, as there's so much to them.

There's also the risk of damaging your equipment and harming yourself physically while trying to lift everything on your own. Hiring gym equipment removalists in Australia is for your convenience and can save you much hassle.

Most of the time, individuals don't have the means of transport for large amounts of equipment. A commercial gym would not be able to move all of the equipment without the help of a transport service - which will come with the services of a gym equipment removalists company.

What we do

As gym equipment removalists experts, we're here to offer our services to those who need them, and we can save you the time of having to get everything moved. We understand there's a lot of work that goes into moving. The experience can be stressful enough without putting in the extra hard work so that you can leave it with us.

Why Choose Chess Moving

So why should you pick our service over other gym equipment removalists in Australia? Well, our values might better suit you than that of our competitors! Our business has been around for long enough to promise quality service. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the removal industry. When you're trusting someone with your property, you want someone who knows what they're doing.

We're an Australia owned business, so you would be supporting a local business by investing in our service. Not only that, but we're family-owned, which means we carry our family values; dedication to satisfying the customer.

No hidden faces here, the people who own this business run it. You can expect excellent communication and standards from every team member - it's our pride.

We have an excellent reputation! Over the years of working in this industry, we've worked up an excellent reputation for delivering a great service to our customers, which is something you can hear from our previous clients.

The fleet that's used to transport your equipment is owned by us, meaning that our reputation and experience will carry over to the transportation part of the agreement. It's not just a quality removal and delivery service that you're getting.

We can help to make sure your items are delivered to your door, wherever you need to go. Other removal companies won't always offer you the choice to deliver your items internationally, especially not with their own fleet - which means you're trusting a totally separate transportation service as well.

Our comprehensive insurance service means you don't have to worry about anything happening to your property while it's in our hands. Everything is covered, and you'll be receiving everything as it is - damages would be covered otherwise!.

Our Services 

If there are any other removal services you need, we offer a range of different options. Here are a few of them that might apply to you:


As mentioned above, we're willing to handle the cleaning of your equipment before it's moved to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. It's a part of the process, and you shouldn't need to worry about it.

Free quotes

Don't you have it when you have to risk your money trying to find out how much something's going to cost you? Well, we offer free quotes to our customers. You don't have to spend a penny until you're requesting our services.

Landing charges at the destination port

If you're having your goods transported overseas, then you might be anxious about how much the fees are going to set you back. We've got you covered, and you don't need to worry about it.

Documentation of sea or air freight

The paperwork can be just as stressful as the finances, and we're prepared to handle that for you as well.

Crating design for special items

Getting the right equipment to transport your items can be difficult, but we can help by designing just the right container.

Got all details on moving your Gym Equipment or if you still have any questions. Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff today.

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