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Getting A Work Permit for Canada

Canada recently announced that they have expedited their immigration application review process and eliminated more than 40 per cent of their backlog of applications, which is good news for those moving from Australia to Canada.


If you're planning to relocate to Canada for work, the fastest path to immigration is the skilled Workers and Professionals Work Permit. Under Canadian law, only certain people can immigrate with one of these permits, and we've put together this eligibility guide to help you determine if you qualify.



  1. To be eligible for a work permit, you must already have a job offer from a company located in Canada or be currently employed by a company that has asked you to relocate to Canada for work purposes.
  2. If you have a job offer, you must be able to demonstrate at least one year of full-time work experience in your field. Those who only worked part-time must establish they have the equivalent of one year's work experience.
  3. In addition to meeting the experience requirement, you must also be employed in a field that Canada classifies as a managerial, professional, technical or skilled role. You can learn more about the definitions at the Government of Canada's website (link:
  4. You must show proof that you have the financial means to relocate and that you will be able to support yourself once you arrive. Typically, this is determined by your salary at your new job as well as your savings and assets.
  5. You must pass a background check. If you have a history of criminal convictions, you may be ineligible to move from Australia to Canada.







Should you meet all five criteria, you are free to apply for a work permit. Your permit will be assigned a priority level based upon your education, your fluency in English or French, your work experience, your age and how well your skills will adapt to the labor market in Canada. Each year, Canada issues a set number of work permits, beginning with those of the highest priority.


For more information about moving to Canada, contact Chess Moving. We can assist you with all aspects of preparing for and executing your move.



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