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Escape to the country: moving from the city to the bush

What do you want?

The big question you should tackle first is what do you want in your new home, do you want to live on the coast or seek a new life inland? How far away are you comfortable being from a major city or at least a town that can supply you with the amenities a major city offers (such as Newcastle, Ballarat or Bunbury). Perhaps just moving to one of these larger towns is the right way to go? They’re often filled with young families and entrepreneurs, making them exciting places to be.

Say goodbye to your anonymity

While you may occasionally run into a friend about town in Sydney or Melbourne, for the most part you can navigate your day without having to stop and say hi to every single person on the street, because you don’t know them. Small towns are... well... small and that means everyone knows when a new family moves in. Before long, everyone will know your name and quite possibly your business too, as there are no secrets in a small town.

Your priorities will change

In the city, there is always something to do or somewhere to be. In small towns, well shops actually shut and people have to often create their own entertainment. As a result, there are more community events and people tend to put a lot more stock in these than they might were they held in the city. It will also mean you learn to stop and breathe, as you won’t be able to run your errands on a Sunday or into the late hours of the evening, as shops close and people go home to their families. Many people struggle at first, but realise that the change of pace is good for their health and begin to settle into their new lifestyle with new, family-oriented priorities before long.

You’ll find time for new hobbies

A quieter life with more down time can lead to creative sparks in many individuals, from discovering scrapbooking to renovating your home or even taking up writing. While society often quashes creative pursuits, especially traditionally feminine ones, as silly and frivolous, studies have shown time and time again that having a creative outlet is good for your brain, your mental health, your problem solving abilities and your concentration levels. Skip having ‘nothing to do in a small town’ and start trying new hobbies, you may even find you make some new friends out of it!


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