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Apartment To Home: 6 Tips For Upsizing

Apartment To Home 6 Tips For Upsizing

Make Sure You've Got the Items That Will Make You Comfortable

A house is not a home unless it's comfortable. Make an honest assessment of your new home and figure out what it already has, what you can bring from your apartment, and what you want to purchase.

Your apartment's oven will need to stay put, and so will the air-conditioner unless you own a portable system. It's rare to find an Australian home without an oven, but some do exist. Microwave meals will get boring fairly quickly, so you'll probably want to invest in an oven if your home doesn't already have one. Installing an air-conditioner, if the home doesn't already have one, is seen as a necessity rather than a luxury for many Aussies.

Then think about all of the apartment complex facilities you used to use. Many apartment dwellers don't have their own washing machines and dryers because they rely on their complex's laundry. While most large cities have laundromats, the convenience of washing clothes in your own home shouldn't be underestimated. Many Aussies use their clotheslines, but if you love toasty towels you may prefer to invest in a dryer as well as a washing machine.

You'll also be giving up that outdoor terrace area with its barbecues. If you think you'll miss cooking snags on the weekends, you'll need your own barbecue and an outdoor table and chairs set for enjoying alfresco dining.

Give Spare Rooms a Purpose

Many apartment dwellers find they have spare rooms when they move into their new homes. Giving each spare room a purpose will make sure these spaces don't end up as junk rooms that collect clutter. You'll probably want to turn at least one spare room into a guest bedroom. A new bed is the bare minimum, but functional furniture like a dressing table or tallboy can also make this space more appealing.

You might also like to turn a spare room into a place for nurturing a hobby or passion of yours. Perhaps you've always wanted a craft room, a space to practice your music, or a wine cellar. Moving from an apartment to a home is the perfect time to make it happen. Consider what you can already bring to the room and what you need to purchase to turn your dreams into reality.

Hang Artworks on the Walls

Now that you're not living in an apartment, you can finally put holes in walls and hang artwork. Choose pieces that speak to you to make your new place truly feel like your own. Original artworks can be expensive, but you can find affordable prints at department stores and discount retailers. You can also find some bargains at markets, where emerging artists often sell their original works for far less than you'll find in galleries. Large artworks can really fill up a space, so they're a great choice when you're transitioning into a new home and still acquiring furniture.

Look For Bargains

Upsizing can be an expensive process, so it makes sense to save money when you can. You're likely to pay more than you need to if you insist on shopping at high-end designer stores. Instead look for basic pieces at department stores and home improvement warehouses. You can also find some really affordable items at op shops and garage sales. You might also be surprised how many friends and family members are holding on to furniture and appliances they no longer use. Ask around and you might score some choice pieces for free.

Only Acquire What You Actually Want

In your desire to save money, it can be tempting to accept less than you really want. There's a time and place for compromising, but if your house is getting cluttered with pieces that don't really speak to you it won't feel like your home. Ask yourself two questions when you're offered free things or you're considering buying second-hand or cheaper items: "Do I love it?" and "Do I need it?" Each item you bring into your home should be either stylish or functional, and preferably both.

Don't Overstuff Your Space

When faced with so much more space, it can be tempting to try to fill every inch of it. Resist the temptation. While a room with little in it can look stark and unwelcoming, a room with too many items will seem cluttered. Extra space is a good thing. It allows you and your family members to move freely from room and room and to feel comfortable in your new environment. Embrace it.

By investing in the right pieces, it's easy to upsize from an apartment to a family home.


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