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6 Tips for Moving in a Hurry

In a perfect world, you could take your sweet time packing before leisurely moving into your brand new home. But in reality, many of us have to pack up and move in a hurry. Whether you need to relocate quickly to pursue a new job opportunity, your landlord has encouraged you to make a speedy exit, or there's another reason that time isn't on your side, these tips will help you move in a hurry.

1. Make a Plan of Attack

Creating a moving schedule will help make sure that you don't run out of time for your move. Consider how many days you have before you relocate, and what you have to do within that time. You might pack up a particular room on each day, or group several small rooms together. Don't forget to allocate time for non-packing duties like notifying your electricity company and phone company of your move and changing your details with any subscription services.

The satisfaction you'll feel as you complete tasks and cross them off your schedule will help you stay focused and increase your motivation. It also shows you that you're on track, which should help keep those worries about running out of time at bay.

2. Quickly Source Packing Materials

Many of us scour supermarkets and other local businesses searching for unused boxes to move, but this takes valuable time that you don't have. Instead, ask any friends or relatives who have moved within the last few years whether they still have their old boxes. You'll probably find that they're gathering dust in their garages, and your loved ones will be only too happy to give them a new home.

If you can't source free boxes fast, contact your moving company. Most can sell you all the boxes you need to pack up your possessions. It's worth putting your hand in your pocket to save time.

3. Use Packing Shortcuts

When time is of the essence, these quick-packing tips can save hours.

Don't waste time removing items from dressing tables and cabinet drawers. So long as they're not too heavy to carry, you can simply shift the drawers, and their contents, into the moving truck.

While your moving company might volunteer specialised clothing boxes, you probably don't have time to use them. Instead, take thick new garbage bags and wrap them around your clothes, coat hangers and all. You might need to spend some extra time ironing them once you reach your destination, but it'll save you valuable time when you need it most.

Bubble wrap might help protect your valuable dinner sets and glassware, but you can pack twice as fast if you look to your linen closet instead. Use towels, bedding, and other soft items to cushion breakables, reduce your packing time, and save you cash.

Don't waste time packing items that will barely survive the journey either. Check the use-by dates of your pantry items, and toss anything that's due to expire. Give an honest appraisal of your plants and leave them behind if they seem sickly. If you're moving overseas, it's also important to consider what won't clear customs. There's no sense wasting time packing items that will be seized by authorities anyway.

4. Make Boxes Easy to Move

In your haste, it's easy to forget that getting your stuff into boxes isn't your only concern. Once they're taped and labelled, they'll need to be moved.

Many people mistakenly believe that large boxes are best for large, heavy items, while small boxes suit tinier, lighter items. However, the opposite is true. Remember that weight can quickly add up too. For example, while a single book isn't very heavy, a whole box of them can be very weighty.

As a guide, try to keep each box you pack underneath 23 kilos. Placing each box on your bathroom scales during the packing process can ensure you're not slowed down by hefty boxes in the middle of the move. 

5. Hire Professional Movers

When it seems like you don't have the time to move on your own, then it can be smarter and less stressful to get a quote for the comprehensive services of professional movers. Many removalist companies won't just move your stuff; they can also take care of all your packing. They'll provide their own boxes and packing materials to keep valuables safe, and even dismantle large items like beds and gym sets.

Look for a reputable, accredited moving firm with many years of experience to ensure your prized possessions are packed up in a timely fashion and that they arrive in good condition. Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and help them move your goods out of your current residence and into your new home. While your movers are capable of getting the job done, any extra manpower you can provide will slash your moving time so you can save valuable hours and dollars.

6. Don't Try to Sort Boxes While You're Moving

We're often told to label each box clearly with its intended room to make packing easier once you reach your new home. However, ferrying each box into a different room can waste a lot of time during the moving process. If your new home has a large, easily accessible space, put each box there on moving day to sort later. A double garage is perfect, because the moving van can park close to its door.

Time might not be on your side, but with these tips in mind, you can move in a hurry and without any hassles.

Moving in a Hurry?

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