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6 Apps To Make Your Move Easier

6 Apps to Make Your Move Easier

Moving Day: Organise Moving Boxes with Barcodes

There are few things more frustrating than moving house and being unable to find those items you need to use straight away. Moving Day solves the problem with its unique barcode system. Enter an inventory of each box you pack and the app will create a barcode for the box. Then, once you arrive in your new home, you simply scan each box’s barcode to reveal its content. It’s a really smart system that makes much more sense than tearing open boxes looking for a frypan or toothpaste. 

Moving Day is a free iPhone app.

Move Advisor: Organise Your Move

Unlike so many apps that focus on just one aspect of moving house, Move Advisor has a couple of useful functions.
Its Moving Timeline tells you what you need to do each week leading up to your move to ensure you’re out on time. This timeline is customised to you; the app considers when you’re moving and whether you’re hiring movers or doing the job yourself before creating the best timeline for you. You can mark off the tasks as you complete them, set reminders to complete jobs that are half-done, and add notes to make the timeline work better for you.

Move Advisor’s Home Inventory tool is another excellent addition. The inventory lets you list everything you had in each room of your house so you can keep track of it during your move. This tool also estimates the number of boxes you’ll need to pack each room, so you can know in advance whether you’ll need to source more.

It’s a little disappointing that the Movers Around You and Get a Moving Quote features only work for North American users, but since the app is free, Aussies probably can’t feel too put out. Move Advisor is available for iOS and Android devices.

Home Move Pro: Versatile Moving App

Home Move Pro is another great all-rounder. It has a variety of useful functions for people moving home, including a checklist of organisations you should contact to change your address and multiple to-do lists. It also helps you create a photo log of your boxes. Add notes to your images to make your photo log even more useful when you’re unpacking.

Home Move Pro is available for free on iOS devices.

Applocation Australia: Useful App for Migrants and Interstate Movers

If you’re moving to Australia from another country or planning an interstate move, Applocation Australia is a must. It contains a variety of useful information, like where newcomers can find short-term accommodation, details of local job opportunities, passport and visa details, and education and term dates for every Australian state and territory. The app also allows you to keep track of tasks you need to complete before your move and reminds you when certain things like immigration papers are due. The app also helps you monitor your relocation budget in your preferred currency so you don’t overspend.

Applocation Australia is available for free on iOS and Android devices. 

Floorplanner: Virtual Floor Plan App

When you’re paying movers by the hour, you want to know exactly where your furniture needs to go in your new home. Floorplanner is a smart virtual floor plan app which will help you map out your new digs before you get there. You can virtually create the layout of your new home and drag and drop your furniture into it much easier than you can rearrange the real thing!

With 2D and 3D displays, it’s easy to get a sense of what every room in your new space could look like. Use Floorplanner and you won’t have to worry that your furniture won’t fit through the doorways or you won’t like the look of your furniture once it’s arranged. If you’re proud of your handiwork or you want a second opinion, the app allows you to share your finished floor plan with your social media networks or post it to your blog.

Floorplanner is available for free on Android devices.

House Cleaning List: Clean Like a Pro

Cleaning house is an important part of moving, whether you’re trying to recover the bond from a rental or you want your new home spick and span before you move in. House Cleaning List will make sure you don’t overlook any part of these domestic duties. The app includes more than 150 household chores, although you can delete some if you’re not prepared to give your home such a thorough clean. 

House Cleaning List is available for 99c on Android devices.

With these apps on your smartphone or tablet, your move can be made much easier and less stressful.



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