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4 Things You Should Never Put In Storage

Many don’t realise there are limits to what you can keep in a storage unit. It might seem like the catch-all for your clutter during a move, but some items could pose a threat to your other possessions or become severely damaged themselves.

1. Food

Food Storage

It may sound obvious, but a common cause of rodents is storage tenants who include food amongst their storage items. Food tends to spoil and can cause a nasty odour to attach itself to your belongings. If the smell gets too bad, the storage staff might have to enter your unit and remove the source of the stench.

Even non-perishable items, like rice or saltines, can lure to attract rodents and pests. You won’t want a mouse leaving droppings and chewing up your clothing, so remember remove anything considered edible out.

To avoid wastage, you can donate non-perishable foods to charity organisations, and fruits, meats, and veggies can go to friends or neighbours. Your spice rack and any specialty baking supplies you just can’t leave behind could be left with a friend until you have settled.

2. Irreplaceable Items

Photos, antiques, heirlooms, and diaries are often taken with owners during relocations. While there are storage solutions that have temperature control, many storage companies do not have adequate settings to protect irreplaceable items. If you aren’t purchasing a climate-controlled unit, then the extreme hot and cold of the unit could damage photos and old items that have been passed down over the generations. For government approved storage, see Chess Moving’s Storage page for more details on how to store precious items.

3. Electronics

Unless your unit is climate-controlled, your electronics won’t be able to take the shock of any temperature changes that can occur. With possible internal temperatures of 40 degrees or more, storage units aren’t the right place for your stereo, iPod, PlayStation, flat-screen TV, desktop computer, or electric guitar.

For electronics, you'll still need to pack your items with plenty of room for airflow, but a unit that maintains a constant environment temperature will be much safer for the delicate electronic circuits that could be damaged by the hot or cold. If you're looking at a longer-term storage, you might want to sell your electronics before they depreciate.

4. Fire Starters

Your storage unit should never contain any items or substances that could put other units in danger. Gasoline, propane tanks, ammunition, fireworks, and cleaning supplies might be stored with the innocent intentions of someone relocating, but they can easily ignite and could cause serious fire damage in a unit. Items or containers that have any gas, hazardous, or flammable substance in them should be carefully and properly disposed of.

Other items to keep out of your storage units are a little more obvious, like your passport, driver’s license, large amounts of cash, and wax candles. Remember, a storage unit isn't a secure bank, is open to searches by authorities, and could face extreme climate changes that could ruin valuable items.

If you need help storing your items before a move, contact the Chess Moving team on 13 14 69, or get an immediate storage quote online.


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