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A-Z Guidance on Preparing Appliances for Shipment

If you find yourself staring blankly at the appliances without having the remotest idea of preparing the products, then this blog will come in handy for you.

How to Move Large and Bulky Items Safely and Efficiently

Moving is challenging and the biggest challenge is moving bulky items. Local or international, moving heavy items like furniture, appliances, etc. can be quite a task.

Planning to Move? Find Out How to Organise and Label Your Boxes for Easy Unpacking

When you are moving to a new place and it is time to pack your belongings in boxes for the relocation, a lot of people make fatal mistakes. These errors accumulate and end up making the unloading and unpacking part of the move a hassle.

Tips for Moving Electronics: How to Keep Your Devices Safe and Secure

One of the biggest worries that homeowners face when relocating is how to take their electronics with them in a secure manner. It makes way more sense to take certain precautions that ensure that your electronic device reaches the new house from the old place safely.

Moving For The First Time: Tips And Tricks For A Smooth Transition

We are here to help you with all the tips and tricks for a smooth transition, especially when you are moving for the first time.

The Importance Of Knowing Your New Location Before Moving

As moving to a different location could be a life-changing decision, it is quintessential that you learn more about the place you are planning to move to.

Brilliant Tips for Decluttering Before Your Move for Easier Relocation

Decluttering requires patience and a good deal of discipline. Here are some ways you can make it easier.

An Effective Checklist for Hassle-Free Moving

From planning the move to inventorying all your items, there is a lot to be done and a well-drafted checklist becomes one of the most important steps in moving houses.

Hiring A Moving Company: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

It is imperative to choose a reliable, trusted and experienced moving company that guarantees the security of all your belongings.

International Moving Made Easy

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 6% of permanent Australian residents moved overseas in 2021.

Interstate Vehicle and Pet Transport

You will want all the help you can get when it comes to moving your pet or your vehicle, the more professional the better. This is where experience and passion come into play.

Moving Interstate Last Minute: A Guide to All You Need to Know

While moving to a city in a new state may be exciting, it is also a hassle. You have to move all your belongings, which will require the services of a removalist company.

Office and Business Relocation: Tips for a Smooth Move

Have you decided to move into a new office? Well then, it calls for celebration. However, office and business relocations come with a lot of complications. You need a thoroughly planned strategy to make the move a hassle-free affair for your business and your employees.

Professional Piano Removals - Piano Moving Company Australia - Chess Moving

Whether you're moving house and are concerned about the safety of your piano, or are using piano rentals for parties, concerts, and workshops, you need reliable piano removals. Chess Moving has years of experience securely and carefully moving pianos for fixed rates. We can also secure safe piano storage during your move. Get your piano to your new home safely with seasoned experts.

Storage Domestic and Commercial - Australia

Storage requirements are always unique and they always depend on the type of items. If you are renovating or relocating, you will need ample storage space to keep your belongings safe until the process is complete. If you are moving or renovating your office location, you will need storage space for files and documents, office supplies and appliances, excess stock and furniture, etc. On the other hand, a home relocation or renovation would require storage for furniture, home appliances, electronics, items of home décor, etc.

Your Simple Guide to Interstate Moving - Australia

When you are moving interstate there must be a number of questions running through your mind like “how do I disassemble the furniture?” or “how to move my piano and gym equipment?” and many more. Professional removalists has the answer to all your moving woes. Unless you have professionals by your side to take care of everything, moving interstate can be a daunting task.

Gym Equipment Removalists - Local - Interstate - International

Looking for assistance in Moving your Gym Equipment local, Interstate or International. We at Chess Moving Can assist. Read more about how we can assist.

Interstate Removalist - Moving To Perth From Sydney

Moving Interstate and Looking for Assistance, We at Chess Moving are experts in the Industry with more than 100 Years of experience.

Overseas Or Interstate Pet Transport Australia With Chess Moving

If you are looking for assistance in Moving Pets Interstate or Overseas. We at Chess Moving can assist with your Pet Travel.
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