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How to save on electricity bills and power retailers when moving house or office?

Comparing power retailers can help you save on electricity bills (and other utilities) when relocating. Do your research before moving interstate in Australia or overseas.
Monday 11 December 2017

Moving to Singapore?

Chess Moving can help you move and settle into your new home, through our membership with the largest removalist network in the world.
Thursday 9 November 2017

Moving at Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful

Chess Moving is available over the Christmas period to help you move and settle into your new home.
Wednesday 11 October 2017

Moving your pet interstate in Australia

Chess Moving can help you and your pet cross state borders and settle into your new home. No stress or hassle involved!

Moving interstate to Queensland? We can help!

Chess Moving can help launch this new chapter of your life, by removing the stress that often goes hand in hand with moving interstate.
Wednesday 6 September 2017

Relocation assistance when moving for work

Chess Moving can advise you on the best way to apply for government funds when moving to another region, state or territory within Australia. This money can be spent on rent, bills and other expenses, including removalist costs!
Thursday 17 August 2017

Should you clean your home before moving out?

Chess Moving can provide specialist cleaning services, so you don’t need to worry about scrubbing your house from top to toe before you move out.
Thursday 3 August 2017
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